These are examples of dishes. Dishes subject to availability. Price changes possible

Salmon trout from the whiskey smoke

€ 12,50

with marinated winter asparagus

Horseradish Apple Cream Soup

€ 5,60

A salad plate from the buffet is included in the price for all main courses

Fried pike perch fillets with lemon sauce, ribbon noodles and salad

€ 26,50

Quinoa mushroom fritters with vegetables and lemon sour cream and salad

€ 18,20

Pork cordon bleu with vegetable garnish served with potato croquettes and salad

€ 21,20

3 grilled pork medallions with mushroom sauce, vegetable garnish, homemade spaetzle and salad

€ 22,70

Beef roulade in Spätburgunder sauce with red cabbage, spaetzle and salad

€ 22,90

Pepper steak from the rump steak approx. 250g with vegetables, French fries and salad

€ 27,90

Venison goulash with mushrooms, cranberries, red cabbage, homemade spaetzle and salad

€ 23,80

Grilled lamb saddle steaks under a wild garlic crust with baked sweet potato sticks and salad

€ 28,80

Turkey cream cutlet with mushroom cream sauce, homemade spaetzle and salad

€ 18,90

Grilled turkey steaks with curry sauce, fruits, rice and salad

€ 19,90

Homemade cheese spaetzle with fried onions and salad

€ 16,90

Kohlrabi celery cutlet with vegetable bouquet, beet sauce, rice and salad

€ 18,60

Neufrach apple fritters with vanilla ice cream

€ 7,80